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Stockholm Climbing Federation is a cooperative group involving the climbing clubs in the Stockholm region. It was founded in 2016 with the purpose of protecting, preserving and promoting all types of climbing in the Stockholm county. We are affiliated with the Swedish Climbing Federation and Swedish Sports Confederation.

At present our focus is outdoor climbing and we operate within three main areas:


Sometimes problems arise when climbers step out into nature. Land owners become annoyed because of bolts, littering or by the simple fact that a people are entering their properties. Sometimes climbers can face restrictions when the authorities create national parks or protection areas in which climbing crags are situated.

Our task is to try to solve the problems. We have regular contact with climbers, land owners and authorities. In the category “Accessinfo” you can read about all restrictions in place at crags in the Stockholm region. The information is continually updated. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to translate the whole page into English.


Crags can become overgrown with moss as time goes by and bolts become rusty and dangerous. We replace both bolts and anchors, clean the routes and ensure a high level of safety on the crags of Stockholm. We use high-quality bolts of acid proof steel (A4) in order to reduce the risk of corrosion and to make sure the bolts remain trustworthy for many years to come.


The number of climbers is increasing and so is the need for new routes, boulders and areas. We investigate the possibilities of developing climbing in Stockholm. There are still many un-climbed lines and old, forgotten crags in need of renovation.

Copyright: Andreas Andersson
Copyright: Andreas Andersson

Stockholm Climbing Federation consists of a board, an Office Manager and two committees. The board directs the organisation and has an overall responsibility. The Office Manager takes care of finances and administration. The Access Committee manages all access issues and the Bolt Committee all issues concerning the maintenance and development.

Please contact us if you have questions about access, maintenance and development of climbing in Stockholm, if you are land owner who dislike climbing on your property or if you find dangerous bolts on the crags in Stockholm.

Support us

One way of supporting us is to become a member of one of the climbing clubs in Stockholm. The more members and club activities the more financial support we receive from the Swedish Sports Confederation. Another way is to work for us in our committees, for example with rebolting and maintenance. An easier way to contribute is by making a small donation:

SE69 8000 0832 7996 4195 6330


If you represent a company and have a business or sponsorship proposal, please contact our office.

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