Protect climbing – park sensibly!

Incorrectly parked cars and overcrowded parking lots are the biggest threat to climbing in Stockholm. That assessment is made by our access committee, which receives more and more reports of car problems at crags and boulder areas.

More and more people are climbing outdoors in the Stockholm region and it can be full of cars at the designated parking spots by the crags. The photos above are from Örnberget and Dyviksudd and taken in 2021. As the situation looks today, we want to warn of the consequences. Us climbers must help each other!

Keep in mind that the listed parking spots are usually not “real” parking places but perhaps the result of an agreement between a private individual and a landowner who said that it is okay for a few cars to be parked on private property. It is therefore important not to annoy landowners so that we lose such agreements, which has happened several times only the past year.

  • If the designated parking is full, find another suitable parking or go to another climbing area.
  • If you see cars that are badly parked, look for the car owner at the crag and kindly ask the person to move the car.

Several climbing-related incidents have resulted in limited accessibility for neighbours and larger vehicles, for example garbage trucks. This means that we will lose parking possibilites completely. In addition, it is extremely important that fire trucks, ambulances and police cars can pass.

Park wisely, share a car with others when you drive to the crags or use public transport (of course in accordance with official recommendations regarding the pandemic). Many of Stockholm’s most popular climbing crags, where parking problems have also arisen, are easy to reach by public transport.

Here are some of the most vulnerable areas:


The parking sign at Örnberget.

Park in the large gravel area by the canoe club a couple of hundred meters south of the crag.

There is also a signposted parking below the crag with space for a maximum of 3-4 cars. According to the parking sign, cars must be parked parallel to the road and you must have a parking disc that should be displayed inside your front window screen. The parking disc must be set at the time you get there, after which the car can be parked for a maximum of four hours. Except from this parking spot, parking is forbidden along the entire road.

Talk to people who are parking incorrectly and ask them to move the car. You can also call the parking company QSG Bevakning on +46 738 607 287 until 6 pm every day and ask them to come there and hand out parking tickets. QSG Bevakning handles parking issues for the Botkyrka municipality.

If you climb on the slab wall (svaväggen), pay close attention to the traffic. Never stand on the road and never put bags or climbing gear on the road, stay close to the rock wall instead.


It is forbidden to park on the old parking spot. It is not allowed to park in the terrain beside the turning point and absolutely not in the turning point or along the connecting road.

The local road cooperative recommends alternative parking spots in the area (for example this one), but of course there must be enough space to park. Be careful not to park on narrow roads and obstruct traffic.


There is only one car park at a reasonable distance from the crags. If it is full you need to leave and go to another crag.

Our access to the crags in Tyresö is on very fragile ground. We do not need more problems. As early as ten years ago we received reports from the municipality that the number of visitors was too large. Today the number is even higher.